• I. Introductory provisions

  • II. Basic information

    1. Intelligence quotient – shortly IQ, is a quantity used as the output of standardized IQ tests to describe human intelligence relative to other populations.
    2. Identification number of IQ test - each test is identified by its unique identification number. Identification number is generated after completion of the IQ test. Number is for complaints and any subsequent findings of the test result.
  • III. User’s rights and obligations

    1. The User has the option at any time via email or telephone to contact the Provider and ask him to delete his personal data from the database. This operation will be done within three days of application.
    2. User acknowledges that the website may not be available continuously, particularly with regard to the maintenance of the necessary hardware and software.
  • IV. Provider’s rights and obligations

    1. Provider is not liable for interruption or reduction of services due to acts of third parties, force majeure or due to equipment failure of other suppliers (eg, power failure, telecommunication links, etc.).
    2. After completing the test and the payment Provider is obligated to disclose the outcome of user tests, especially intelligence quotient and the ability to generate certificates in. PDF document. The certificate shall contain the name and the intelligence quotient User.
    3. Provider is not liable for any damages arising in connection with the implementation and evaluation of IQ tests. User specifically acknowledges that IQ test result is indicative and conducting other IQ tests can be achieved in a different outcome.
  • V. Privacy policy

    1. Provider declares that it does not collect any personal data about the users of IQ test. Name and surname of the user are only used to print your certificate and are not stored and are used solely for the purpose of printing the certificate user.
  • VI. Payment terms

    1. For providing the test result is User required to pay the Provider fee: 8.99 USD incl. VAT. Remuneration is payable via PayPal. Not a subscription service.
  • VII. Final provisions

    1. All contents of the Server and the content showing the form (graphic design and editing the server) and the relevant parts are the author's work in accordance with Act No. 121/2000 Coll. Copyright Act, as amended, and the applicable copyright laws and use of each without the consent of the author or owner of the license is copyright infringement and is punishable.
    2. Provider reserves the right to modify these Terms without the prior consent of the user, and a way to publish their latest new and full text on the pages of the Server. Such disclosure will enter a new version of the Terms in force, unless the Terms & Conditions specified later date.
    3. Provider is not responsible for any activity or site visitors for the way they use it.
    4. These Terms & Conditions shall become effective on August 11, 2010.
  • VIII. Withdrawal from the agreement

    1. The user has the right to withdraw from the agreement without giving any reason and to recover funds (providing the whole SMS / PayPal payment was completed and paid out to the Provider) paid for the results of the test. For the successful settlement of a claim of it is necessary for the user to send an e-mail to the Provider's email address iqtest@support247.me with the following text as the subject: "Withdrawal", First and Last Name, telephone number from which the SMS has been sent / or the email used to pay via PayPal, and the date the payment was made. The provider will send the claimed amount, paid for the test, to the PayPal account provided in the email. Other forms of payment are not technically possible.
  • IX. Provider contact details

Technical Support